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Mike The Dog Trainer in Louisiana
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Hi I'm "Mike The Dog Trainer", that's what everyone calls me. Here is a little bit about my animal background... I have been raising, handling & training animals for 25+ years. I have worked and competed with horses, did competitive pigeon racing and BEST of all... I train dogs!! This is my dream job... my passion. A quote I always say and live by is... "Do what you LOVE and you will NEVER work a day in your life." Well, here I the dream and helping dogs live their best life :)


My wife & I also own and operate a local dog training company named Top Dog Training Academy. We have a wonderful Team of Professional Trainers with our sister company.

I work with all breeds, sizes, ages and levels of obedience such as Puppies, Basic, Advanced, Emotional Support, Anxiety/Fear, Aggression and Service Dog.

I am mostly referred dogs with anxiety and/or aggression issues. I love to be able to give these dogs their lives back or show them a life they have never seen before. Every dog deserves a chance and I am willing to take that risk! I love seeing them overcome their challenges and become more confident and trusting of others. There is nothing like seeing my Clients have the confidence to be able to take their once anxiety filled and/or aggressive dog out into the world again. Providing the knowledge and support to my Clients and continuously working as a team is key to a successful future for the dog. Schedule an evaluation with me and my team today! 


"We tried two different trainers with a different company and were unsuccessful. Mike had my reactive dog for two weeks now and there is a clear difference in training and success. They are awesome."


"I love Mike & his team! They do amazing things with you dog in a short period of time. My Willow went very shy and not wanting to leave the house, now we can go on walks and in stores and she is not afraid any longer. Thank you Mike... you are the BEST!!"





7 DAYS A WEEK 8AM till 8PM
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